Carvin and Deniece 

Beach Wedding

Our Story

It was a normal busy day at the job where I was working as a finance manager at Wolfchase Hyundai, when Carvin stood up in the showroom and anounced that he wanted to take me out. I was shocked at the sound of his loud voice as I walked past him. He was determined to go out with me. I gave in and gave him my phone number and the rest was history. His caring spirit can't be compared. His attention to detail is one of the reasons I fell deeply in love with him. He is my inspiration and my joy. Every waking moment feels like it's almost too good to be true. When I pinch myself, the realization of him becoming my huband sets in, as I begin to thank the Lord for sending this confident, loving, and compassionate man to me. Yes, we are so blessed to have a love like this. We are each others inspiration, companion, and our hearts beat as one. 

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Meet Carvin and Deniece